LenaCars’ Principles

Honesty; LenaCars was founded by professionals with an academic background. When you work with LenaCars, you feel honesty at every stage of the service you receive. In accordance with the principle of honesty, LenaCars is always with you after sales.

Transparency; We inform our customers and all our stakeholders regularly at every step we take, and we approach them transparently. We do not commit to a service which we cannot fulfill as a man of our word; we care more about gaining trust than making money.

Being One of You; The meaning of the name Lena is "one of us, one of ours". For this reason, LenaCars is committed to being one of you by putting itself in your place by empathizing.

Friendship First, Then Commerce; LenaCars helps you without prioritizing the trade. A well-established friendship brings the trade also spontaneous. We are always happy to help our guests even if we have not provided any service for them. If you're happy, we're happy too.

Focusing on the Customer; Our customers are our guests and we place them up on a pedestal. The satisfaction and happiness of our guests is the most important matter for us. We offer all our services in line with this principle.

Adding Value that Deserves to Win; Whether you're buying a car, selling your car or renting the most appropriate car for you, we help you manage your budget in the most accurate way by acting transparently, quickly and in the most appropriate way. It is one of our basic principles to make you feel that we deserve the money we would earn in return for our services.

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