Human Resources

Our Human Resources Policy

LenaCars has focused on employee satisfaction by acting on the principle of happy employees = happy customers.

By assigning the right people to the right position with our customer-oriented approach, we maximize the performance of our employees and do our best to ensure that they work in a happy environment. We attach great importance to the development of our employees. In this direction, we try to provide all kinds of opportunities for them to complete their personal and professional development by organizing training activities on the subjects required by their positions and responsibilities.

We apply a performance management system based on both qualitative and quantitative approaches in the evaluation of our employees. We rely on the performance management system in promotions and wage increases. Our main goal is to maintain our long-term cooperation with our employees. We try to design our entire office so that our employees can feel happy and at home.

We will always stand by our employees by implementing a creative, reliable, modern human resources policy that is open to new ideas, with our vision and mission that gives confidence without giving up our ethical perspective with quality time and information sharing.

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